CSA Sign Up

When you become a CSA member, we provide you access to a discounted version of our online farm store. Every time you log on, you see prices only available to CSA members. Depending on the tier you choose, you can access discounted vegetables, vegetables and meat, or become one of our wholesale shoppers. Any sales or special discounts that we offer throughout the year are on top of this CSA price reduction, saving you even more on our farm products.

Once you’ve signed up to be a CSA member, we automatically bill your debit or credit card on the first of the month for the price of the tier you’ve selected. That amount is then transferred to your online profile as a credit to your account. During that month, you have access to the CSA members only portion of our online farm stand.

If you don’t use your entire monthly subscription amount, it rolls over to the following month. If you decide to cancel your subscription that credit never expires. For months that you use your entire credit and want to make additional purchases, we simply bill the card you have on file and you still have access to the reduced prices.

There’s no commitment with our CSA memberships. For those of you looking for a year-round CSA, we offer this for all 12 months of the year. For our customers who prefer a summer/fall CSA share, you can choose to sign up for only those months.

CSA Bronze Subscription

$80/Month 15% off all veggies

CSA Gold Subscription

$300/Month 25% off all veggies 15% off all meats

CSA Silver Subscription

$160/Month 15% off all veggies 10% off all meats

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